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Personalized Ties

Personalize your tie with your company logo

Personalized Ties

Personalize your tie with your company logo

Find, create and buy your company logo ties

In Seterie Mosconi you can choose your custom corporate ties and find many other custom yarns: available to you are scarves, scarves and much more!

Style comes through the smallest details. And corporate logo ties are the ultimate expression, not only of the values, but also of the taste your company carries.

That’s why in Seterie Mosconi we offer you and your company a rich range of corporate and 100% Made in Italy ties, and a complete service of assistance and accompaniment in choosing the product that’s right for you.

Personalized ties

In fact, with the right custom tie with company logo, your company will be able to convey the business values of your reality as much to partners as to customers and possible competitors, allowing you to be recognizable in the market already from your outfit and that of your work team.

Promotional items for companies

Not only that. As the Christmas holidays approach, corporate logo ties present themselves as one of the most appreciable gifts to offer to partners and clients: a small cadeau, but of great value, capable of charming anyone who receives it thanks to the timeless luxury of a sartorial product with a long tradition, to which is added the refinement of the materials and the entire totally Italian production chain, distinctive elements of Seterie Mosconi’s history.

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And don’t forget:

At Seterie Mosconi you have the opportunity to choose from a rich range of tailored products for companies, ranging from personalized ties to foulards, scarves and much more.

So if you are looking for customized ties for your company, we have just the thing for you: a team of experts can also assist you in choosing the yarns and colors that best suit your needs, for a product that is truly personalized and unquestionably yours.

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