Ecological fabrics

Innovazione, ricerca e cura della qualità

Seterie Mosconi è attenta e sensibile ai temi legati all’ecologia e all’impatto ambientale.

It should also be borne in mind that 80% of the environmental impact of a product is the result of its design.

Ecological fabrics for clothing

For this reason, Seterie Mosconi is at the forefront of the battle against environmental pollution, trying to raise awareness among its buyers, offering ecological fibers and fabrics, capable of reducing the impact of the entire production cycle of an item of clothing.

Ecological, innovative and recycled materials

Aware of the fact that, every year, of the 5.8 tons of textile waste discarded in Europe only a quarter is recycled, the company is constantly researching and experimenting with ecological and innovative materials such as, for example, the Newlife yarn, obtained from bottles of plastic, hemp, greencel etc …


Other products offered by Seterie Mosconi are the result of the use of eco-sustainable fabrics such as recycled polyester, wool and organic silk, produced without the use of substances harmful to the environment, from cultivation to dyeing.


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