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Over the past few years Mosconi’s range of customers has become wider having to deal with several different fields: from cosmetics to telecommunications, from car manufacters to institutions, such as universities or trade fairs (e.g: “Salone Nautico di Genova”)

Once the company consolidated its own position in the promotional Italian business, it has worked for a few years (by more than 50% of the turnover) with some European countries in particular Spain, Germany and Scandinavian ones. France and other extraeuropean countries has appreciated Mosconi’s brand too.

The foreign market is managed by different agents that work directly with the final customer. Just in a few cases through agency, though. Since the value of the product is forged on the demands of the buyer, Mosconi claims: “I often assist the agency throughout the visit of the client because of the bond trust between us and our commercial partners”. After the briefing, a sketch is realized on a paper and, subsequently, the sample.

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