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The personalization is a chapter apart, because a scarf, a tie or a foulard are comparable to the white cloth on which the artist paints his picture: at the beginning they don’t have any connotation, but in a second time, the colors and the sketch will give the personality. For this reason, a lot of sensibility is needed to accomplish the requests of the customer and to shape its demands in the yarn in order to communicate a message.

In some cases, the proportions and the visibility of the business mark could disparage the aesthetics of the item: every detail depends on the purposes for which the article has been realized. “If I made a foulard for a hostess that works in a fair in the company’s stand – Mosconi says – I would ensure the mark well visible. Because in that case the foulard plays a key role and it must be noted and memorised by the visitors of the fair.

The personalization and the signature of the company will be developed to the label or on the specific packaging. In the case of an important tie, I will probably submit the brand to the customized lining.

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