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Tessuti pregiati

Mosconi’s factory has a lot of experience in the fashion world, in which it works with several renowned italian and foreign maisons. The rule of the design experimentation and the attention to the raw material are the main hallmarks of the most fashion houses as well as Mosconi. Specific materials, games of transparencies, study of the colors guarantee the oneness and the characterization of the product, by which the ties and the scarfs are reinventate every time.

Yarns’ quality and productive control

In 1995, in Sweden, Mosconi’s was rewarded for the best “promotional tie” because of its care and refined design. The chosen devotion of this factory to the promotional field has grown in importance since more than ten years ago, when Giorgio Mosconi accidentaly found out Promotion Expo. “It was the first fair’s edition – the unique administrator claims – that time, I only attended as visitor. From the following year onwards I have taken part to the fair as exhibitor”

Since then the promotional field has risen so much to establish approximately 50% of the turnover today. In this business too, The first decision Mosconi’s makes is about the raw material in order to accomplish a quality product. The company has chosen to work only on specific fabrics such as: silk, wool linen, cashmere and all their derivatives. All the transformations and treatments that give a suggestive value to the product take place in Italy, in the Como area, which brags a long tradition in these processes.

In this way the product (made in Italy) can be directly followed in each stage of the processes: from twisting to weaving, from printing to edging, and finally the packaging.

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