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Seterie Mosconi was born in 1951 led by Gian Pietro Mosconi, who was able to link creativity and aesthetics with the thorough pursuit of details thanks to his traditional taste. Originally, this company exclusively addressed ties and silk scarfs, whether printed ones or Jacquard. Afterwards, its own accessories’ production has become increasingly broad until now, including: umbrellas’ textile,  handmade reproduction of works of art, promotional goods and so on.

Personalized ties, scarf, scarves and accessories.

Over the past 50 years this company has achieved several reputable and qualified customers, whether in Italy or abroad, becoming source of inspiration for a lot of collections.

Keeping up with research, development, quality and taking care with enthusiasm about relationship with customers, have brought Seterie Mosconi to be considered a market leader. In Sweden in 1995, as a further confirm regarding the quality of its products, our company won the first prize for the best “promotional tie”.

According with Seterie Mosconi’s thought, the tie, as a present or as a promotional item, should offer a wide range of choices. Giving a tie is always a kind gesture, a polite demonstration by the donor and a pleasure for the recipient. The tie is one of the few items that man will never believe to have enough, because the purchase of a dress often requires an suitable tie. The classy guy gets attached to his diary, pen, key ring and clock; nevertheless he will have several alternating ties in order to personalize his way of dressing.

You can get fond of your pen, of your note-book, of your key-holder or your watch, but you’ll always have a lot of ties to personalize your style. Promotional ties and scarves are for any kind of budget and solve problems of space. They take a little space, they can be stored into the suit-case, they’re not voluminous – even if they can exceed in value a lot of other traditional promotional items. And if you really don’t believe us, to strike our products quality we can tell you we won in 1995 the first prize of the most beautiful Swedish promotional tie.

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