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Foulard in crepe de chine

Crêpe de chine foulard

Regardless of how it is worn, the foulard is always a charming accessory, especially if it is manufactured from high-quality, fine fabrics. Crêpe de chine foulards are made with very refined warps: a splendid shiny silk capable of creating a particular contrast with the opacity that instead characterizes the weft.

The latter, in fact, is alternately twisted making the fabric take on a particular orange peel appearance. Crêpe de chine represents an excellent solution for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd with avant-garde, whimsical accessories that, at the same time, turn out to be charming and classy.

Crêpe de chine foulards: a classy choice

Seterie Mosconi’s crêpe de chine foulards are designed for men and women who like not to go unnoticed. The quality of the silk chosen to make each one is high to ensure remarkable standards of value.

Personalized Foulards made from high-quality materials and according to customer specifications.

Crêpe de chine foulards: 100% Italian quality

In addition to the prestigious raw material, the company is able to produce customized foulards according to the customer’s request. The foulards, in this way, will take on a character of uniqueness that is difficult to imitate.

The customization of these products also made from crêpe de chine is aimed at both sizes and prints. Regarding the first point, one has the option of choosing models in the classic standard size of ninety by ninety or requesting specific sizes that can vary according to the needs of each customer.

Personalized crêpe de chine foulards

The feature of the high degree of customization of these foulards from the fine fabric, is also given by the possibility of enjoying special prints that can be for example the logo, which will be printed on the fabric or the combination of one’s own social colors, which will increase the individual character of the accessory.

Seterie Mosconi also makes customizations of its foulards with woven labels and gift bags.

Do you need information or do you want to ask for a quote?

Write us for any information on possible customizations and to request a quote. We will evaluate together the best solution for your personalized tie and more.

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