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Satin foulards

Seterie Mosconi offers various types of all-natural fabrics for those who love scarves. Among its finest achievements, satin foulards definitely stand out. A fabric to which, those who work at this company pay a lot of attention to both the workmanship and the details.

Personalized satin foulards

They are all hand-sewn and the finishing touches are the result of work done exclusively by skilled hands that strive for perfection every day.

Satin foulards from Seterie Mosconi, can be customized and enriched with unique details. Personalized foulards are the result of work done with precision, in which details and beauty are put in the foreground.

Personalized Foulards made from high-quality materials and according to customer specifications.

Personalized satin foulards

The company likes to distinguish itself and above all, always tries to meet its customer’s needs in the choice of colors, designs, fabrics and even customizations. Personalized satin foulards are exclusive to this company, which has always been concerned with satisfying its customers, even those with the most special requests.

Satin foulards 100% Made in Italy

Nothing is impossible for the team at Seterie Mosconi, in fact they manage to make unique and perfect satin foulards. Working with a fabric such as satin is not easy, but thanks to the people who make them, from time immemorial, at Seterie Mosconi we find ourselves in front of foulards in which the passion and mastery of those who created it is evident. Real works of art that only they know how to create, in which elegance and refinement blend perfectly with perfection and style . A perfect combination that makes these satin foulards a must-have always on hand, and only by wearing them will you realize their real and unquestionable beauty.

Do you need information or do you want to ask for a quote?

Write us for any information on possible customizations and to request a quote. We will evaluate together the best solution for your personalized tie and more.

Via Cantaluppi 117/A,
22030 Lipomo (CO)
P.IVA 03684100138


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