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Men’s cashmere scarves

Are you looking for high quality men’s cashmere scarves? Then you are in the right place. Seterie Mosconi for over 50 years has been giving its customers the opportunity to choose from multiple types of cashmere scarves, special or classic.


Elegant and practical men’s cashmere scarf

The materials used by Mosconi to make a practical and elegant cashmere scarf are among the finest on the market. The men’s cashmere scarf produced by the Lipomo-based company ensures its customers brilliance, shine and soft

Personalized Scarves made from high-quality materials and according to customer specifications.

The high quality of the product used, provides the wearer with a scarf capable of maintaining a constant temperature thanks to its thermoregulation property. Mosconi offers its customers some of the most varied and inimitable articles, suitable for every single need. In fact, making a men’s cashmere silk scarf unique and personalized has always been one of the top priorities of the Como-based company’s daily work.

Do you need information or do you want to ask for a quote?

Write us for any information on possible customizations and to request a quote. We will evaluate together the best solution for your personalized tie and more.

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22030 Lipomo (CO)
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