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Cashmere ties

Ties: pride and boast of Seterie Mosconi.
Speaking of Seterie Mosconi immediately makes one think of the immense love this company devotes to the production of ties.
Since the beginning of its activity, Seterie Mosconi has wanted to reserve a place of honor for handcrafted ties.

Customized cashmere ties

Talking about a tie, means talking about an indispensable accessory for every man, the company knows well the importance of it, that’s why it offers its customers personalized cashmere ties, these can be made starting from the simplest designs and gradually up to the most demanding designs. The company does not neglect any detail, the handmade packaging is scrupulously cared for, both on the outside and inside of the ties. An additional note of prestige of Seterie Mosconi is the special care they put into offering personalized woven labels and classy gift packaging.

Personalized Ties made from high-quality materials and according to customer guidelines.

Promotional ties from Seterie Mosconi

Seterie Mosconi also offers promotional ties, which are also produced with meticulous care starting with the choice of raw materials, only materials of the highest quality are selected by the company, in fact. The company has decided, in addition, to carry out the treatments and transformations that contribute to make the product more valuable exclusively in Italy, all this contributes to the value of Made in Italy.

The refinement of ties begins with passion

Seterie Mosconi has been present for over 50 years in the Como area, their history spanning three generations. The company in question, has made taste, refinement and research of fine fabrics such as silk and cashmere, its flagship. The company was founded by Pietro Mosconi, along the years then, he was joined by his son Giorgio first and grandson Lorenzo later. The company began as a Como tie factory combined also with the production of handmade scarves, in silk and fine fabrics. Over the years, Seterie Mosconi expanded production by also creating promotional items for companies.

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22030 Lipomo (CO)
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