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Cotton ties

What better symbol of elegance and professionalism than a tie? Seterie Mosconi has been making handcrafted, customized and promotional ties for over 25 years for all kinds of clients.

Seterie Mosconi’s cotton ties

Whether you are a man or a woman, a good tie gives style and fashion, allowing you to show off other stylish accessories as well. A great feature of cotton ties is that they are easy to store and take up little space, making them perfect for long trips or business meetings. In fact, thanks to this peculiarity, Seterie Mosconi also recommends its promotional and cotton ties to companies and corporations as an excellent gift towards their clients or for a special occasion.

Personalized Ties made from high-quality materials and according to customer guidelines.

Personalized cotton ties

Custom ties in Mosconi’s Seterie Mosconi are made following an ancient process, carried on generation after generation that allows for unparalleled uniqueness. The types then are very varied, there are ties in precious linen, wool ties for the coldest winters, even Cashmere ties and the ever-present cotton tie. The latter is highly recommended and used due to its property of being very light and good for any occasion, whether for an informal event or a gala dinner, a cotton tie is always great.

The tradition of Made in Italy

In addition to this, a cotton tie is also very easy to clean and wash, so you can forget about dry cleaning and gravy stains! Finally, a cotton tie is very durable because of its strong fibers and traditional structure, this type of tie will last you a lifetime. Seterie Mosconi carries out all the tradition of Made in Italy.

Do you need information or do you want to ask for a quote?

Write us for any information on possible customizations and to request a quote. We will evaluate together the best solution for your personalized tie and more.

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