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Tie store

Millions of people daily wear ties of various designs and patterns.

An accessory that since ancient times to the present day has turned into a real craze or necessity that men and why not, even women, can no longer give up.

Seterie Mosconi: Online tie store

But as much as the demand is continuous and substantial, there are not many tie stores in the world that can guarantee high quality.

From this point of view, Seterie Mosconi can be considered a leading company, among the best present on the national scene, capable of guaranteeing maximum experience, innovation and reliability regarding products of all kinds, from silk to cotton, wool to linen, cashmere to personalized and handmade ties.

Personalized Ties made from high-quality materials and according to customer guidelines.

Tie store 100% Made in Italy

Rigorous workmanship that pays attention to every detail – from the made-to-measure estimate to the quality control that precedes shipment – makes Seterie Mosconi a one-of-a-kind, inimitable tie store, a true point of reference for all types of customers, whatever their budget.

Do you need information or do you want to ask for a quote?

Write us for any information on possible customizations and to request a quote. We will evaluate together the best solution for your personalized tie and more.

Via Cantaluppi 117/A,
22030 Lipomo (CO)
P.IVA 03684100138


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