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Ties with logo

Seterie Mosconi company represents an excellence of our Italian territory operating since 1951, famous for the excellent quality of its products. Ties with company logo customized.

Ties with company logo

The tie, in fact, represents one of the most appreciated gifts, since it is an element that is part of the elegant clothing but at the same time suitable not only for great occasions but also for everyday life. Relying on the company Mosconi, the customer will be able to choose from a range of logo ties. This will go to ensure the fact that the same has been produced in a totally artisanal manner, using primary products of excellent quality.

The company produces custom ties, which can adapt to the individual needs of the customer, who, we recall, will be the one to use the product.

Personalized Ties made from high-quality materials and according to customer guidelines.

The company produces handmade ties: this means that they come to be produced using prime material of the highest quality. And it is precisely this that guarantees a successful product. Ensuring the base of the same a good material, you will have as the end result a product that will last over time.

The company Seteria Mosconi also offers opportunities to make a number of promotional items for companies: very often, in fact, individual employees have to participate in various events, which can be promotional as well as training. In this case, even a uniformity of clothing among the various employees will be an indication of the seriousness of the same, and will provide valuable help in relationships and sales.

Finally, it should be emphasized how the Mosconi company in 1995 won the famous award given to the best promotional tie in Sweden. This indicates how the same is now a well-established reality present in our Italian territory.

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