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New textile materials

Innovation, research and quality care

Are you a business looking for eco-friendly promotional items? If the answer is yes, Seterie Mosconi is for you.

All over the world, the clothing industry is veering decisively toward the use of new textile materials that can guarantee a sustainable environmental impact and that can halve the levels of pollution that have always been produced by the entire sector.

Growing more and more, in fact, are buyers who, in choosing an item of clothing, care above all about preserving planet Earth, and consequently their health.

Seterie Mosconi can be considered a leading company in the use of innovative ecological fabrics, capable of guaranteeing maximum experience, innovation and reliability regarding products of all kinds.

The Lipomo-based company has managed in a very short time to carve out a leading role for itself on the national and foreign scene regarding the use of new textile materials capable of reducing the impact of the entire production cycle of a garment. A choice that, in addition to guaranteeing its customers products of the highest quality and at the same time highly ecological, aims to encourage a radical change in the mentality of the most classic buyers.

Seterie Mosconi researches and experiments with innovative ecological fabrics, such as Newlife yarn, made from plastic bottles, hemp, greencel and more.

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