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Eco-sustainable materials

Innovation, research and quality care

If you are an eco-conscious company and would like promotional items for your employees, you may be interested in the customized accessories produced with innovative eco-friendly fabrics from Seterie Mosconi.

Eco-friendly fashion today is a reality that not only promotes the well-being of workers but also aims to defend the environment. The use of eco-friendly materials such as hemp or silk, for example, have little impact on the environment. In an industry, such as fashion, that consumes the most water in the world and is responsible for greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere, producing and making available to the public clothing products made from environmentally sustainable materials is a great sign of renewal and an example for future generations. Not only do eco-friendly clothing fabrics reduce environmental impact, they also greatly diminish the suffering of millions of animals.

Seterie Mosconi, which for more than 50 years, thanks to its very high level of quality, has managed to carve out a leading role for itself in the domestic and foreign scene with regard to the use of eco-sustainable textile materials for clothing. These are products that can reduce the impact of the entire production cycle of a garment. Ensuring, in fact, products of the highest quality and at the same time highly ecological, can, without a shadow of a doubt, promote a radical change in the mindset of buyers.

Seterie Mosconi researches and experiments with environmentally sustainable natural fabrics, such as recycled polyester, wool and organic silk, produced without the use of environmentally harmful substances, from cultivation to dyeing.

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