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New textile fibres

Innovation, research and quality care

Are you a business looking for eco-friendly promotional items? If the answer is yes, Seterie Mosconi is for you.

Textile fibers can be of artificial or natural origin. Natural fibers, as opposed to artificial or synthetic ones, are derived from animals (silk, wool) and plants (linen, hemp, cotton). The latter solution, today, is widely used in the fashion world for various reasons. Dressing natural, in fact, in addition to ensuring original and modern solutions, allows us to respect and preserve the environment around us, which is increasingly polluted. For this reason, several global manufacturers have decided to meet the needs of more environmentally conscious consumers.

Seterie Mosconi, which for more than 50 years, thanks to its very high level of quality, has managed to carve out a leading role for itself on the domestic and foreign scene with regard to the processing and use of new textile fibers. These are products that can reduce the impact of the entire production cycle of a garment. Ensuring, in fact, products of the highest quality and at the same time not harmful to the environment, can, without a shadow of a doubt, promote a radical change in the mindset of buyers.

The Lipomo-based company has long been at the forefront of the battle against environmental pollution, trying to educate its buyers to use environmentally friendly fibers and fabrics.

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